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You are a hero and must save the world from cosmic alien invaders. There can be only one hero at a time. If there are more aspirants they have to queue up as spectators.
Each spectator can help with balloons to fight the invaders (or irritate the hero) and must try to stay alive. A dying spectator means to fall back to the taillight of the next hero queue.

HERO: left:left, right:right, up/s:jump, a:shoot
SPECTATOR: left:left, right:right, up/s:jump, a:launch balloon

Go Save or Help Save the World

If the game should be too crowded and you're really tired of being a spectator you can try Mission Training » with Mission-Training-Simulator-like Graphics without score and spectators, but with the addictive core game. You will gain solid skills for the main game.

The Main Hero Game is working again! The highscores will be restored this week!






You can read good or less good background stories here, here or here. This is an arcade game planned and created with VIC20-Basic about 30 years ago (with ascii character graphic and of course without multiplayer version). Imagine the COSMICS core game as a rival of Galaga, Galaxian or Space Invaders in the early 80s arcades.

COSMICS was redesigned from the 80s Version in 2010 and semifinished. After nearly three years of pause we decided to add a multiplayer feature and complete the game.

The Game is created as Browsergame with JavaScript using the Akihabara framework, Nodejs, and Redis. It works only with real websockets as transport. COSMICS is available in the Chrome Web Store, on the Firefox Marketplace, at The source code is available on Github.

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Imprint / Credits

The game is created by Stefan Hartmann and David Buehrer. Responsible for the page is Stefan Hartmann,

We like to thank for some sounds we used (and modified) for the Game: female scream by Efecto Fundador, male scream by JohnsonBrandEditing, level complete by CGEffex, alien get you scream (really scary one) by ERH, inflate by mookie182 and deflate by elektroproleter.


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We have committed ourselves to put down normal work from time to time to meet up creating games. Our expenses besides all the time mainly comprise of pizza, chocolate, fruits and beer.

If you like COSMICS and want to support new yo!code productions, please consider pressing one of the buttons (preferably flattr or paypal) to the right. Thanks for playing!

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